Amsterdam Canal Apartments

Two comfortable canal suites in the heart of the historic city centre of Amsterdam


Street parties are famous in Amsterdam: from Queen’s Birthday attracting over half amillion people partying all over Amstedam, to small scale and charming Hartjesdagen around the Zeedijk.

And year round you find all kinds of festival and events. Find a few suggestions here.

It is one big orange party. Kingsday: April 27th. The city turns crazy and orange (it is the House of Orange, the Dutch Royal Family), and many people from around the world have discovered this Dutch Carnival. ( Do not come on April 30th: Queensday is long gone, we have a king now)

Hartjesdagen ★★

A wonderful mix of gays and straights can be found in the little festival, much smaller than the Gay Pride and maybe therefore nicer, celebrated around the Zeedijk. This third weekend in August men turn up as women, and women as men. And they have been doing so for centuries! Some historians believe this fun packed romantic festival dates back to the Middle Ages. On the Saturday afternoon there is a small Opera festival with the ‘divas’ singing from the windows above the shops and restaurants on the Zeedijk. Truly fun!


For a couple of years now the first weekend in August is “Gay Pride” with numerous parties and a Pride parade on the canals, drawing enormous crowds (over 500.000 in 2009) to see the Queens and Dykes float along in a colorful spectacle!

Grachtenfestival ★★★

A series of concerts at unique locations: churches, private homes, and on boats. The final concert is traditionally held on the Prinsengracht on a stage built over the canal. People with boats will be waiting for days in the canal to have a good view of this very “Amsterdam” happening.

De Keukenhof Flower Exhibit ★★★★★

The Keukenhof is the place to see spring blossom between March and May. This park is unique, world famous even, and has been one of the most popular destinations in the Netherlands for sixty years now. All-in bus & entrance tickets available at the Tourist Information desk at the Central Staion and at Leidseplein..