Amsterdam Canal Apartments

Two comfortable canal suites in the heart of the historic city centre of Amsterdam

The owner: Bastiaan Oele

“I have travelled all over the world and always did prefer to stay in small privately owned places with a personal touch instead of large impersonal hotels. So when I had the opportunity, I decided to offer personal care to guests visiting Amsterdam myself.”

Abroad I prefer to be in Asia and I also own Villa Kelapa a luxury traditional villa in Bali Indonesia, which is also for rent.

“Apart from being the host of Amsterdam Canal Apartments, I am a medical doctor practicing in Amsterdam. Caring for people in another way.”

“Things I like: traveling, trips to the country side, going to museums, art, opera music, photography, a night out to the movies, dinner with friends at home and biking around in the city of Amsterdam or country side.”

The Amsterdam Canal Apartments

The canal view apartment was the first one to open on Raamgracht 23 back in 1993. I created the one bedroom apartment in 2005 after extensive restoration and renovation of the 17th century canal house.

The original 17th century merchant canal house has a traditional architectural structure with a front- and back part of the house. (like Anne Franks House).
The apartments are in the most original part of the house. Unlike them, the floors where I live have been changed in the 19th century.

The canal view apartment on the ground floor was the most public space of this merchant house. In the early 20th century there was a coal shop on this floor and the boats in the canal, loaded with charcoal, did belong to the owner of the house.

In the 17th century the kitchen was located In the one bedroom apartment, where the maids prepared dinner for the owner, who lived on the floors where I live now!

All the ceilings and beams in the apartments are still original, dating back from the 17th century. The front windows and doors of the two Canal Apartments have been carefully restored in 2005 according to 17th century paintings as they had been lost in the second world war. (The house is in the middle of the old Jewish quarter of Amsterdam and the ghetto in World War Two.)