Amsterdam Canal Apartments

Two comfortable canal apartments in the heart of the historic city centre of Amsterdam

Sports and recreation

Well, I am not sure if that is the first things that comes to mind when visiting Amsterdam, but you may wish to freshen up at some point. In the sauna, a swimming pool, or join in outdoor skating.

Friday night skate ★★★

The Friday Night Skate starts in the Vondelpark near the filmmuseum every Friday at 8 pm. Sometimes over a 1000 skaters join to tour around Amsterdam. Intersections are blocked, first aid assistants join in the ride.

Jodenbreestraat 6 Tel. 0206262622 Nice and relaxed, good equipped fitness centre just 3 min walk from your bed. So when you are ready for it……..

Deco Sauna ★★

Herengracht 115, tel. 0206238215. The best sauna in the city center.

Zuiderbad - Swimming Pool ★★

Hobbemastraat 26, (next to the Rijksmuseum, tel. 0206792217. There is only one swimming pool in the center: the ‘Zuiderbad’ Go there on late Sunday afternoons and leave your swimming suit at home, if and when you want to meet other gay men.

Going to the beach in the city

Citybeaches: Amsterdam has a few city beaches! When you are lazy or just in for something completely different try one of them on a sunny day. We recommend Blijburg Bert Haanstrakade 200,. tel. 4160330. Take tram 26 from the Central Station until the end, then walk 3 minutes walk towards the water and you see the beach and restaurant! Enjoy this special event!

Another option is Strand West, Stavangerweg 900, tel. 6826310. You can walk or bike here from the back of the Central Station towards the West along the water, while you can see the new apartments being build in this western part of the former docklands. Nice alternative restaurant and beach setting.

Zandvoort beach

take the train to Zandvoort (via Haarlem, 30 min) You could consider first sightseeing in Haarlem and then continue to the beach, see above Enjoy the sun and beach life in this beach resort. As it was bombed in the Second World War by the Nazis, do not expect great monuments, but life can be fun here, especially south of the South Beach (45 min walk to the south from the railway station) where you will find a nude and gay beach. There are also restaurants on the nude beach for some basic food.

Bloemendaal beach

Trendy clubs on the beach: Bloomingdale, Republiek and Woodstock. On nice and sunny days it goes on from early morning till late at night. Take the train to Haarlem (15 minutes by train) and a direct bus will take you to Bloemendaal strand (another 15-20 minutes). Mainly straight crowd, some gays. A very cool place.