Amsterdam Canal Apartments

Two comfortable canal apartments in the heart of the historic city centre of Amsterdam


As you will be living in a very lively and central part of the city all of these shops for daily or special shopping are in the immediate vicinity or your apartment. Some are very new, some have been there for centuries.

Marqt - Supermarket ★★★

Utrechtsestraat 17 – Five minutes from the apartments. A new phenomenon in the supermarket business: all fresh, eco, organic, biological and tasty food. The business is built on sustainability. You will find lots of food produced locally: cheese, meats, fish and fruits and vegetables from producers close Amsterdam. In the morning on the fields, and this afternoon at Marqt. It’s what commercials of others try to imply, but which is reality here. Prices are a not higher to what you pay elsewhere. Debit Card or Credit Card payment only.

Albert Heijn - Supermarket ★★

Jodenbreestraat 21, for all of your foods and essentials. Use the ‘bonus card’ attached to your house key to qualify for the discounts here. You find another but smaller Albert Heyn right on the Nieuwmarkt 18. Have a look at ready-made-meals section where they sell ‘koken en stomen’ meals (cook and steam). It is an amazing peace of technology and produces a very delicious and healthy meal. The sealed containers have a little steam vent and your meal is cooked/steamed ready in the microwave. Don’t punch the container; just put it in the microwave like it is. Great!

Also a wide variety of ready to go healthy salats ! Cash or debit card, no credit cards.

Hema ★★★

At Jodenbreestraat 11, a 5 min stroll from the apartment you find the Hema open everyday from 8.00 -22.00, All common shopping you can do here in a quick 5 minutes! 

ATM machines

The nearest ATM machine is on Jodenbreestraat on your right on your way to the Jodenbreestraat Albert Heijn, corner with Houtkopersdwarsstraat. Another one is located in the Rabobank Nieuwmarkt 20, next to that Albert Heijn. During shopping hours you can use the ATMs in the Albert Heijn supermarkets, too.


The nearest bank is the Rabobank on Nieuwmarkt 20.

Eat the best ice creams in town at Tofani Kloveniersburgwal 16 open until 10 p.m. Only from April until October, the other months they spend their earned money (yours that is) in Milan!

Best bread is sold on the Saturday Organic Market on the Nieuwmarkt. On other days buy your fresh bread on Zeedijk 134 with Vlaamsbroodhuys.

Kloveniersburgwal 11- do like the Chinese do and buy fish at Gebr. Tel, very fresh and a bargain, it looks like you can not buy there as a private person, but you can.

Amsterdamsche Vischhandel sedert 1938

Buy your fresh "haring" (raw fish) at Amsterdamsche Vishandel at the beginning of Zeedijk at nr. 129. Their fresh “haring”  is one of the best in town. Enjoy classical music while doing so!

Apotheek van der Meulen

For prescription drugs visit Apotheek Van Der Meulen on Geldersekade 84a. This is the oldest working pharmacy in The Netherlands. The house and interior are original 17th century. It has been used as a pharmacy ever since. When you are in a rush go to Apotheek Dam, Damstraat 2 on the corner with Dam square.

Fruits and vegetables ★★★★

The best quality on weekdays is at the fruit and vegetables stall OPPOSITE Albert Heyn on the Nieuwmarkt 18. The taste of their fruits is excellent!

On Saturday you can buy nice organic vegetables and fruits on the organic market on Nieuwmarkt from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Jacob Hooij - Pharmacy ★★

Kloveniersburgwal 10-12. For all kinds of herbs, alternative and traditional medicines visit Jacob Hooij Pharmacy. The interior is original 18th century and the herbs and oils are great!

't Kleine Slagertje H. VET - Butcher ★★★

Buy the best and reasonably priced meat in town at â??t Kleine Slagertje H. Vet’ Zeedijk 99.

Gall en Gall-Wines and liquors

Next to Albert Heyn in the Jodenbreestraat 23 is Gall en Gall. The wines are tasteful and not expensive. Look for the monthly specials.

Nieuwmarkt 27 will provide you with everything Chinese you ever thought about eating and even more.

Puccini - Chocolates ★★★

Buy the best chocolates in town at Puccini, Staalstraat 17. But be prepared to pay for them: we call them the chocolate jeweler. Some people would die for them! The Puccini cafe is on the corner with Zwanenburgwal at nr. 21.

Postoffice Primera

The closest post office is at Primera at Waterlooplein 169 for your stamps, to mail your postcards, letters and packages.

Tabacco and OV chipcard

Cigarettes, cigars and newspapers can be found in Kiosk 43, Nieuwe Hoogstraat 43. Just opposite the metro entrance in the same street, a 2 minute walk from your apartment. You can also buy the OV chipcard here (see transport).

Albert Cuyp Street Market ★★★

Buy groceries, fruits, fish, shoes, belts and clothes here. You must be careful not to be pick pocketed as it is very crowded and the pickpockets also do shop (and you don’t want them to do so using your money).

Antiek Market de Looier

If you are into real antiques or Bric-A-Bracs, then you are much better off at the Antiekmarkt De Looier than at the Waterlooplein flea market.

Bijenkorf department store

The most prestigious department store in Holland. But if you are used to the great department stores of London, New York, Tokyo or Rio, you may not be impressed. Well, they have done a big makeover with particularly the spoiled international traveler in mind. So have a look whether they are getting there.

Coffee and Tea - Geels & Co

Warmoesstraat 155. Buy the best coffee from over the world in this 18th century original coffee selling shop.

Coffee and Tea - Wijs en Zonen ★★★

Zeedijk 43. Buy the best teas from all over the world in this Amsterdam institution. Now you can also enjoy there teas ‘live’ in the shop, with some sweets on their small patio.

Buy your weed and marihuana at Rusland, Rusland 16, just opposite the Kloveniersburgwal apartment. There is also a gay coffee shop (yes, that too!) The Other Side, Reguliersdwarsstraat 6. We strongly advice you not to eat hasj cake nor drink hasj tea! Check our drugs information page on why not!


Buy your condoms in the Condomerie Het Gulden Vlies Warmoesstraat141, tel. 6274174. You would never imagine the choice of sizes, shapes and colors (and tastes…) they offer. They also give advice about the best size and type. Don’t be shy, they know their job, and then: you will probably never see them again. Do not forget to use them as venereal diseases are on the rise in Amsterdam.

Gassan Diamonds

A five minute walk from the apartments is , Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 173 – 175, tel. 6225333. In this formerly steam driven factory the stones used to be cut on steam power. They offer a free tour and you can see how rough diamonds are transformed into dazzling jewels. Go girls, and meet your best friends, but remember who is going to pay for them.

Leather - Mr B

Mr B, Warmoestraat 89. Buy your leather toys and other sexy things in this hetero-friendly gay leather shop. They do sell all kinds of things, even things you never knew they existed.

The Nine Streets

This area consist of 9 streets connecting the Herengracht, Keizersgracht en Prinsengracht between Leidsegracht en Rozengracht. Stroll around and see the best and most authentic shops in Amsterdam.

Waterlooplein - Fleamarket

Go here and enjoy all the crazy people from Amsterdam and the rest of the world rushing to buy everything you never imagined to long for. Do not miss it, it is 2 minute walk from your apartment and find out what wakes up your desire. The goods for sale on the flee market are not very interesting and likely to be overpriced.